Personalizing education to improve student life

How do we attract, motivate, and retain students?

Universities are struggle with retention for a number of reasons, but one of the most important is “fit.” Will the student mesh with her roommate? Will he connect with his advisor? Whotype quantifies and harmonizes these intangibles both for your administration and incoming students. Personalized learning is the future.

Whotype helps students and universities connect on a whole new level, introducing an educational experience that’s personalized to each student. The future of learning is personalized. Answering the questions – What are they attracted to; What motivates them; and What retains their interests is the Whotype value in the university system.

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The tour beyond the tour for prospective students

Let’s be honest, there is only so much a prospective student can get from a 20 minute campus tour. Start offering unparalleled insight into the core of university life, potential class environments and more with WhotypeU. Better matched students equals higher retention, more university money, and a healthier student body. What do you have to lose?

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Smarter Admissions

Need a better way to assess a potential student and their likelihood of success? With WhotypeU, admissions staff not only have a window into how a prospect is now as a person, but also the growth potential into a collaborative and successful graduate. Let us show you how Whotypes over time can show a deeper layer to personality.

A better, more harmonious campus

WhotypeU helps bridge that gap by bringing digital analytics into very real situations. Our Harmonizing technology let’s our Whotypers get into each other’s heads to understand how they can meet in the middle and connect better. Assess possible roommates by their Whotype to maximize harmonious living situations.

Professors can quickly gauge the personality levels of their classrooms to better tailor lectures and teaching methods to learning students. Between classes, clubs, athletic teams, and naturally forming friend groups, students experience nearly limitless interactions. WhotypeU provides a way to see and react to each group dynamic for better interactions.

Your student’s personality is your power

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