Find what your company could be missing

How well do you know your team or your company’s culture?

Whotype is more than just a platform for personal development, it’s one for companies too. You need to be able to understand your company’s personality to know what kinds of people you might be missing. You need to be able to go beyond the hard skills and into the intangible ones. Is your company full of intuitive people? Then you need to add some analyzers to look at hard data to become a well-rounded and thrive.

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Hire better, faster, smarter

There is only so much information you can get from an applicant’s resume or their LinkedIn profile. Sure, an applicant can have awesome coding skills, or know how to turn lead into gold, but are they a good fit culturally? Will they get along with their boss and team members? With Whotype, you can predict the intangible and answer the difficult questions.

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Optimize teams on every level

We all know that some people just work better with others. With Whotype, you’ll understand why, and even better, start to use this to your company’s advantage. For example, know that a Improver team is best for Marketing, and know which Whotype you need to add to get there.

Better teams means better products and happier customers. So the next time you drop the words “great synergy,” you can actually mean it.

Quantify your company’s culture

These days customers are demanding more from the companies they buy from. They want social accountability, innovation, great work from good people. In short, they want a personality, not a brand. What’s yours? Find out with Whotype.

Visualize Corporate Culture

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